An unexpected sleepover 

Back in January, I went out for an evening to our County Campsite. We were holding a trouble-shooting-and-being-nosey evening.  If we make a habit of that we might have to come up with a more catchy title.

The County had just opened the new indoor accommodation block, and we wanted to explore. We combined that with an invitation to everyone in the Division – if you have any problems, questions, worries, or just want to be nosey yourself, the Division exec would be there to help you.

It was good fun. We solved some problems, had some good chats, and had a look around the new building. The whiteboards were very useful.

We tried out the beds too.

Some of us had planned to stay the night. Some tried to go home, but failed because of the ice on the roads.

There was, I believe, an interesting adventure involving a mounted policeman and some grit.  I was indoors at the time, though.

Most of us only planned to stay one night. But there was a Rainbow sleepover the next night, and one of the leaders was taken ill, so I ended up staying two nights.

Now, normally, I avoid Rainbows. They’re too small and needy.

But actually, it wasn’t so bad. It helped that I didn’t need to run any activities – all I had to do was hang around being an adult and help out where I was asked.  It meant I could be the fun one, and not deal with any of the problems. Which was nice.  It certainly made a change.


Among other things, the girls designed Shaun the Sheep statues, made floaty jellyfish in bottles, and played lots of games involving water and crawling around pretending to be in pipes.

A jellyfish.
A jellyfish.

The reason for all the water games was that they were trying to do enough things to do with water to win the “Mains and Drains” game and get the H2O 4 Life challenge badge.


All in all, a fun weekend, if somewhat longer than expected.


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