November Goal Update

Work… nothing happening.  It’s less than two weeks until results day now!

Family… life goes on as normal.  I had a week off work in November (just because), which was nice.  We didn’t really do anything, just spent some time being in the same house.  I have to admit I spent a lot of it on Guiding admin of one sort or another.

We had a house-related disappointment, though.  It turns out that the man who was trying to sell us a house doesn’t actually, technically, own the whole house.  He thought he did, but there was some paperwork that didn’t get done properly, so technically half of it is owned by a man who currently lives in South America.  They’re going to have a court battle, and we’re back to looking for a house we want to buy.

Still, it gives me more time to get rid of the junk in our cupboard, I suppose!

Guiding… Well, we’ve done a lot this month.  Not only did I start doing Guides, but we’ve had our normal Brownie meetings – stargazing and juggling among other things – and also Remembrance Parade and the Brownie Christmas Bazaar.  I’ll write about the Bazaar later this week, so stay tuned for that.

I do slightly worry that we are starting to spread ourselves a little thin.  Honestly, I think all three of Sunrise, Lightning and I do enough Guiding to be a full time job – and we all work too!  Still, we’re working on trying to make it more efficient.  Things like having the PLC for Guides at the end of this term so that we can get organised and have one consent form for all the exciting things we no doubt will plan for next term.

Kempo… Slow progress, but nothing interesting to say, really.  Oh, except I went to a black belt course in London, which was fun.  Twice as much travel as training sounds excessive until you realise that I got to have lessons from the 8th Dan sensei who is head of the whole BSKF.

Blogging… started going a little better during my week off, and I kept it up for a little while, but it’s gone downhill again.  I’ve lots to say, just no time to write the posts in!  Which is probably the right way around to have my life, if you think about it.

Reading… to hit my year target I needed to read 6 or 7 books in each of November and December.  I managed 7 in November, so I need 6 in December to hit the target.

They were good books, too.  I read the 2nd and 3rd books in the Divergent trilogy, and a few of what could be termed “children’s” books, although Black Rabbit Summer dealt with some pretty heavy topics.  I particularly enjoyed The Magic Half, which was about time travel and magical twins.  I’m currently reading Hollow Earth, which is about being able to make drawings come to life.  There are monsters and conspiracies too.

So there it is, another month closer to the end of the year.  Only one more to go.  How scary is that?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


One thought on “November Goal Update

  1. The thing about having just one consent form really chimes with me – so much paper and ink wasted with repeating information, that could be avoided if we got organised a bit sooner!

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