Great Balls of Rice

One of my Brownie units is doing the entertainer badge this term.  As part of it, we’re trying out various things that could be entertaining.

This week, we made juggling balls and then learned to juggle them.

Which was very entertaining.


To make juggling balls, you will need:

  • a sock per ball (so for 30 children I provided 45 socks – long live Poundland!);
  • tights – 1 pair makes 6 balls (30 children = 15 pairs of tights)
  • a huge quantity of rice (100g per ball, roughly)

Take a third of a leg of tights.  If it’s not the toe, tie a knot in one end.


Now fill it with rice and tie a knot in the other end, as close to the rice ball as you can.



Finally, take a sock and put the rice ball in the toe.  Twist the end around and fold it back on itself so that the sock covers the ball and doesn’t leave any dangly bits.

If you have some lying around, you can use loom bands instead of twisting the sock.


Not only does the sock make it look pretty, but socks are stronger than tights, meaning less risk of breakage.

Now try to learn to juggle.

What interested me most, I think, was the lack of desire to practice.  Or rather, the lack of ability to cope with the fact that you’re not instantly going to be good at something.

I don’t think they believed me when I told them how long it takes to get good at something.  Considering how many of them learn instruments, that’s quite worrying.


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