First night as a Guide Leader

I’ve mentioned that I’ve joined the Guides. After a goodbye party for the old leader and a meet the parents social, Wednesday was our first “proper” Guide meeting.

A friend had suggested an interest badge for us, since there’s not really enough of the term left to do a Go For It.


We’re doing the Chocolate badge.

Right now, about half of you are probably thinking something to the effect of “Chocolate? How is that a Guide badge? What is the world coming to?”.

But actually, it’s quite complex. They have to learn about the history of chocolate and fair trade and all sorts.

This week we did a survey to see who eats how much chocolate in a week. One patrol voluntarily did statistics on the results – they calculated the mean, median, mode and range of the number of chocolate bars eaten per person.

We also did taste testing to rank brands in order of how tasty they were and try to identify which brand was which.

Chilli and ginger were least popular, and green and blacks butterscotch flavour was almost universally loved. Which is unsurprising but good to know.

All in all, it didn’t seem much different to Brownies. A little more independent, less detailed instructions perhaps. But they still love eating, and they still love solving puzzles.

I think I’m going to enjoy Guides.


4 thoughts on “First night as a Guide Leader

  1. Hope you’re enjoying your Guide unit. We’re doing the chocolate badge next term, due to popular request. Somehow I can’t see my lot doing maths with the results … now eating … that’s another story!

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