This week has been a week of good decorations.

We’ve spent some time making our new board look pretty. The leaves on the tree are all supposed to be things about the Promise, but some of the girls got a little distracted.


The space in the top right is going to contain a picture of our Brownie Bear doing something interesting.

Brownie Bear goes home each week with the politest, most helpful, most enthusiastic Brownie, and this week I told her she had to provide a picture for the board as a challenge.

I’ve done some decorating of my own, too. My plate bag developed a hole, so I found a Guiding tshirt I didn’t need and used the picture to make a patch. While I was at it I decided to name it properly too.


And then, mostly because I was off work this week and a little bored, I tidied up our storage/breakout room and decided to refresh the decorations slightly.


It’s a work-in-progress at the moment, it lacks pictures from the two units I don’t have much to do with. I’m aiming to have everyone who uses the building represented.

Finally, we had a Promise Party on Friday, and my new Brownie brought a (egg and dairy free) cake decorated with trefoils.


So, good decorations all round!


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