Meet the Parents – Guiding Edition!

As I mentioned in passing a few days ago, I’m joining a Guide unit. The old leader has moved house, so some of the Brownie leaders are joining the Guide team.

This week was our first meeting, and we decided to have a meet the parents/social/find out stuff meeting.

There was cake. And also quiche, because we’d come straight from Brownies so hadn’t had tea yet!

A lot of the parents we already recognise, because lots of the girls were in our Brownies. But a good proportion were new to us. We wanted to find out things like “which ones are helpful” and “which ones will let their children walk home alone”.

We also wanted them to meet us – it’s sometimes shocked me how many parents don’t know who the leaders are. Surely you want to know who is looking after your child? I mean, it’s nice that they trust Girlguiding so much, but still!

Anyway, the Guides were great. They took tea orders from the parents, and gave everyone a number for their order, just like in some real cafés. They even made a good start on the washing up before they were dragged away by their parents.

We talked with the parents about some of the opportunities available, such as helping at Brownies or Rainbows. The girls had had this mentioned to them before, of course, but it turns out that teenagers don’t always tell their parents things. Who knew?

Some of the older girls got quite enthusiastic about doing the Community Action badge, which was lovely to see.

Next week we’ll have our first proper “normal” Guide meeting. I hope that goes as well as this did!


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