Invisible Panpipes

Last week, our Brownies had two different things going.

The Adventure group – by far the largest, since we have a lot of newish girls at the moment – were doing an activity they’d chosen from the Brownie Adventure book. They’d chosen to do “It’s magic!” (page 47 for those of you who have a book).

The basic idea is that you write a secret message using a mixture of water and baking powder. When it dries, you can’t see it. But then you paint over it with food colouring and it magically appears!


Rather foolishly I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

Some of them worked better than others, but everyone agreed that it was fun to do.

The older girls wanted to make panpipes. We had some straws lying around, so why not?


They even decorated them with feathers.

They were quite proud of their panpipes. Getting them to stop playing them long enough to give out messages at the end was tricky!


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