September Goal Report

It occurs to me that I never quite got around to doing my end of September Goal Update post.

Round TuitNow that the bad puns are out of the way, how did September go?

Work – I took my exam at the end of September.  So most of September was taken up with frantic studying.  It paid off (at least in terms of how stressful I found the exam), because it was by far the easiest of the sittings I’ve attempted for that subject.  Whether that’s just because it was an easier paper or whether I was actually better prepared remains to be seen.  Results in December.

Family – Dave and the Kitties were, clearly, a little neglected because of the studying.  After my exam, we (Dave and I, not the kitties!) went out for dinner to celebrate, which was very relaxing – just what I needed.

Guiding – When I said I spent all my time studying, that wasn’t quite true.  I did take a weekend off to go to YOYO, which was awesome.

I did also go to Brownies, although we did easy things with very little prep needed – a pow wow to find out what they wanted, some games, and some things involving the phases of the moon (which, alas, was declared “boring, too like school”).

Kempo – I didn’t really go to Kempo in September.  It was one of the things that fell by the wayside in favour of studying.  To the extent that when I turned up again, my Sensei said that he was just about to phone me to find out if I was ok because he hadn’t seen me for so long.  It’s nice to be missed!

Reading – Yeah, well.  According to Goodreads, I didn’t read any books in September.  I started The Story of the Girl Guides, but didn’t finish it until October.  Mostly I was reading Life Insurance Subject SA2 Course Notes 2014, which is about as exciting as it sounds.

October is going well so far – I’ve finished The Story of the Girl Guides and I’ve also read Greenstar, which I believe to be one of the better books I’ve read this year.*  Anyone with even a vague interest in sci-fi humour should definitely look into it.  The link goes to the intro pack, which won’t even cost you anything!

Blogging – I could use studying as an excuse for not writing so much, but it would be a lie.  I just didn’t have a lot to say.  I’ll try to do better.

* I may be slightly biased, being married to half of the authors.  But I did enjoy it immensely.


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