I’m free.

Finally, blessedly, blissfully free.

My last exam was yesterday, and it was not a horrible experience.  Now all I have to do is wait until December to find out the results, finish my work based skills log and persuade my boss to read it and sign it off.  Which might actually be harder than doing the exam.

I’ll also be catching up on all those things I’ve been putting off in favour of studying, so if you know me in real life expect a flurry of emails, phone calls, discussions, and so on!

More Interesting Things

Life does not stand still while I ignore it, and the last couple of weeks have seen the start of a new term of Brownies.

We had eight new girls in one unit.  We lost a lot at the end of summer – mostly the older ones who had been hanging on, desperate to finish the Big Brownie Birthday year as a Brownie.   I don’t remember the last time we had eight spaces at the same time!

I think I was most impressed by the girl who turned up with about three hours notice – a child emailed on Wednesday morning to say she wasn’t coming back to Brownies, and by Wednesday afternoon we’d filled the space with an eager young girl.*

It’s quite fun having that many new ones together.  Fortunately we have a large unit, so there are plenty of older ones to show them the ropes.  I can’t imagine having a third or more of the unit not knowing what’s going on, it would be chaos!

The first meeting was mostly full of getting to know you games and choosing what to do.  We’ve picked some activities from the Adventure book, and the girls also picked an interest badge to do together.

They picked Stargazer, so we’ve been walking in circles around each other and shining torches at balls to understand the moon’s phases, finger painting planets, and there’s plans afoot for a trip to the planetarium.  We can’t go actual stargazing until later in the term, when it gets dark.

We also played a North-South-East-West variant, with moon phases, and the girls created a quiz.  My favourite question: “What happens if you get sucked into a black hole?”.

My other unit only had one new girl.  She’s lovely, and very enthusiastic!  On the other hand, she is anaphylactic to eggs and dairy.  My Brownies love cooking things – does anyone have any bright ideas for recipes I can use which won’t kill my new recruit?

My major problem with that unit is the large number of older ones.  It’s going to be interesting at Christmas – I’ve got seven or eight all leaving together, which will absolutely decimate my Sixer and Seconder ranks.  In the meantime, I have more people leaving than I do Sixer positions, meaning some of them won’t get to be Sixer.  I plan on talking to them about it this week, see if they can come up with a solution which satisfies everyone.

I’m definitely happy to be getting back into the swing of Guiding, after all that study!

* When I say “we”, I mean “Lightning”, since she does all of the waiting list things and about 99% of the parent communication.


4 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. We have a Guide who’s allergic to eggs so we’re all learning about egg-free cooking. We did some fantastic egg-free brownies tonight… but they had milk in so no good for yours. We did jam tarts last year, I think they were milk-free. Maybe they had butter in but non-dairy butter replacements are pretty easy to find. Can’t think of anything more exciting right now.

  2. As a Brownie leader and a mum of a Brownie and a Spark who are anaphylactic to eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts (oh and one of them is allergic to soy and the other, to wheat), let me tell ya! Adventures abound but we have a fairly diverse repertoire of cookery messes that we can make. Excellent luck with GF butter tart squares, whacky cake, and gooey cookies. If the folks who make “Enjoy Life” can do it, so can we! A lot of it is mashing up ideas on Pinterest together and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. We use Becel olive oil, egg substitute or applesauce, and a GF mix of sorghum, brown rice, and coconut flour from Bob’s. Happy exploring!

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