Tented Foxes

Wait, that’s not right.  I mean Tented Foxlease.


This post is a review of the tented village at Foxlease.

You might recall that I went to YOYO last weekend.  Koala, Polar Bear and I stayed in the tented village.  We’d chosen to stay there mostly because we hadn’t before – so we could claim that it was a recce in case we ever wanted to take the Brownies.

We were quite impressed.

IMG_6458.JPGThere are five tents, all identical.  Each one has a raised wooden floor, an indoor portion and a veranda/porch thing which we thought would be very good for taking off boots and storing muddy items.  They’re made of proper heavy canvas, with an inner and an outer.


Because they’re off the floor, they’re quite warm to sleep in.  We had six adults in ours, and it wasn’t too squashed.  I would happily put eight Brownies in one, with all their luggage.

The floor was hard, being wood rather than mud, so I would recommend blow-up mats, rather than those little foam things.  I had a thermarest and was perfectly comfortable.

The only problem with the floor was that the floorboards don’t quite fit together, meaning that younger children would probably lose things between them.  Indeed, we found a packet of loom bands!

What else is there?  There is a cooking shelter with an altar fire, and a picnic bench under an event shelter.  Not huge – definitely not large enough to feed everyone who was staying there if it rained, but enough for a drinks station in the shade if it’s sunny.


The toilets are a little walk away, over by the swimming pool.  If I was going with children I would definitely take a toilet tent for night use.  The up side was that the bushes along the path to the toilets were lined with blackberries.   Fewer blackberries at the end of the weekend than the start!

In the same field, enclosed by fences, there is also a small wood.  There’s a little campfire circle (perfect for marshmallows, dampers, or a private sing-song), and plenty of space for denning.  I’d be surprised if nobody has ever slept outside in that wood.



All in all, I’m definitely planning on taking Brownies at some point – but given how popular Foxlease is I’m expecting it to be at least 2016 before I can get there!


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