August Goal Report

Well, firstly… I’m not dead.  I mention this only because it seems to be normal for people who haven’t blogged recently to announce it.  You know, just in case you thought that these words were being written by a ghost.

It being the holidays, I found that I didn’t really have much to say.  And then we went on camp and I was too busy to blog.  I’ll do a couple of posts about the camp later in the week, because it was brilliant.

Today, though, it’s a brand new month, so it’s time to update you on how my 2014 goals are going.


Study continues.  I’ve been working hard at making sure I know the core reading backwards, forwards and upside down.  I find I’m re-reading the notes a lot more since I got a cheap tablet so I can carry them around with me.  Wish I’d done that a long time ago.

I feel I’m lacking a little on past exam questions though.  Must try harder to fit some of those in.


This month has been all about the Going Away opportunities.  The Big Brownie Birthday Finale Camp, based on the theme of Brownies Around the World, was a big hit with everyone who went.  More on that in later posts.

It covers Going Away, obviously, but also Opportunities and Awareness, due to the fact that the activities were based in the “World Centres”, which sparked a whole lot of conversations about international trip opportunities.


It also had Adventurous activities in, so that covers Challenge and Adventure.

On the other hand it only included some of the children, so I reckon it only counts half measures.


Apart from spending a week in a field, I think I’ve done ok with this one during August.  Certainly nobody has complained about feeling neglected (apart from Una, but she does that every day, no matter how much attention you pay her).


I had a good run this month, with extra practice put in to help out people who were competing in the taikai (which I couldn’t go to because of camp).  So, lots of kempo!  Not sure I progressed with actually learning my techniques, but I’ve had a lot of fun.


I was lagging a little due to my study habits, but I took a stand last weekend and did some reading.  Does it count as cheating if I read books aimed at 8 year-olds?  I’m putting it down as research into how children’s minds work.  Honest.

I even managed to finish reading La Adventuoj de Alico en Mirlando, which has been dragging on since February because it was such hard work.

So now I’m on 31 books read in the year, a mere 3 behind schedule.

I’m currently reading The Story of the Girl Guides, by Rose Kerr, which I found in a box of books the last time we did a clear out at Brownies.  It’s an interesting read, I’ll probably review it on the blog at some point.


As discussed, not dead.  Not blogging either…

Regular service should resume soon on that front.


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