July Goal Update

Work: As we know, I have one exam remaining to qualify.  I’ve spent the last three weeks reading through the course notes to remind myself of the overview, and I’m starting to focus on the bits that seem less familiar.

I’ve also been to an “Exam Counselling” session, which was pretty useful.  They went through my exam script and prepared a report which explained where I was losing out on marks, what I could do better, and so on.  I’ve been working on the ideas they gave me.

Guiding: We went Bell Boating, which was fun.  Good teamwork required to get the boat moving.  And we had an end of term party for each unit – one of which went better than the other!

And I finished sewing my backlog of badges on!
And I finished sewing my backlog of badges on!

On Wednesday I had a social meal/planning meeting with the leaders from one of my units.  We’ve been together for a long time now – over ten years.  Not only that, but we’re all on the Division team, too.  So we see quite a lot of each other – but we don’t spend nearly enough time socialising.  It was good to just talk, with no children begging for attention or ultra-urgent admin things to do.

Plus, it’s the holidays, so I actually had a whole week off from Guiding activities!

Family: That week I had off from Guiding?  I spent it all with my husband.  Well, most of it.  We went for a long walk, spent time just sitting and relaxing together, tried out a new Indian restaurant near our house, and went hunting for a house to buy.

The restaurant was yummy – perfect portion size, friendly staff and proper southern Indian food, and they had Gulab Jamun!

We had an offer accepted on a flat.  Now commences the paperwork and surveys and solicitors and all that jazz.  I’m not 100% sure that trying to buy a flat at the same time as studying for my last exam is a great idea, but that’s what I’m doing.

Kempo: I spent a weekend in Wales doing shakujo training, which was awesome.  Aside from that, I’ve been going through techniques to make sure I’m happy with them – I’m about halfway through the syllabus for the grade that I am.  When I’ve finished that I’ll move on to the techniques I’m currently trying to learn.

This was not as dramatic as the picture makes it seem.

Reading: I’m catching up, I think.  I’m only 6 books behind schedule now, at 23 books read this year.

Blogging: I’ve missed a couple, but I’m hanging in there.  It’s the holidays, so I’m talking less about Brownies and more about the rest of my life.  How is everyone finding that?


One thought on “July Goal Update

  1. The rest of your life’s very interesting. Especially the above picture. Although I’m sure I’m not your target audience. Talking of targets, that’s all pretty conscientious. Yours admiringly, Liz

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