Last week I was on holiday.  Dave and I were having a “stay-cation”, which is a word that I hate.  Unfortunately, it does describe what we did.  We didn’t go to work, but we didn’t go on holiday anywhere.

One of the things we did was a long walk.

And I mean long.

We walked along the river from Clifton to Pill, crossed over to Avonmouth, and came back via Shirehampton, Sea Mills and Stoke Bishop.  In all, we were on our feet for 6 or 7 hours.

We found some interesting urban art.

Crossing the river at Avonmouth was an interesting experience.  The only bridge is the one with the motorway on.  There’s a section on the edge which is separated by barriers, which is suitable for “pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles under 50cc and invalid carriages”.  It’s a really long bridge – not the pleasantest part of the journey, but a couple of interesting views.


This is near where we had lunch.  I’m not sure what it is, but I suspect a “penpole”, since that was the name of the wood.



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