What does “finished” mean?

Originally, I was going to start this post with “I’m finished!” or “it’s finally done!”.  But of course, I’m not, and it’s not.

The item in question is this:


I’ve been off work this week, having a “stay-cation” with my husband. As well as long walks and meals out, I’ve been catching up on some sewing.

I’ve done it. I’ve finally cleared the backlog of badges that I needed to sew on to my camp blanket.


It feels good; to be finished. To have achieved something.

The thing is, it’s only a month until the county Big Brownie Birthday finale camp. I will be shocked (and horrified) if I don’t get given any more badges on that camp.

So, while I am finished, I’m also not.

“To finish a work? To finish a picture? What nonsense! To finish it means to be through with it, to kill it, to rid it of its soul, to give it its final blow, the coup de grace for the painter as well as for the picture.”

~ Pablo Picasso

In many ways, the camp blanket can be seen as a metaphor for life.

It’s never finished, although sometimes it gets too full.

You’re always comparing your blanket to other people’s, to see who has the best collection of badges.

You’re always trying to acquire another badge, to make your blanket just that little bit better.  Perhaps this one will be the one that makes you finally happy with your blanket?

If you spend all your time obsessing over how good it looks, you forget to enjoy having it.

The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss. ~Thomas Carlyle


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