Special Edition Goal Update

I originally said that I would only mention my 2014 goals once a month, unless something important happened.

I had exam results.

I took two exams back in April, and the results came out last Thursday.

I passed one of them!  Yay!

But I also failed one.  Boo.

For a while I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.  I think I was more nervous about these exam results than I’ve ever been about any results before.  I knew that the results of these exams would determine whether I qualified as an actuary or not.

If I passed both, then yay, I was going to be an actuary.

If I failed both, I was giving up.  I clearly wasn’t good enough (this was not, as you might recall from earlier posts, my first attempt at them).  And I would have been sad, but also relieved to be off the merry-go-round of studying and waiting.

Passing one and failing one is perhaps the worst outcome.  Now, I only have one more exam to do, so it seems silly to give up.

But I’m so fed up of studying.  And the last few months, with no studying to do, I feel like I’ve really got on top of some other things which were slipping, like Brownie admin, Kempo, and general tidiness of the house*.

Actually, once I allowed it to sink in, and started looking at specifics of when I can take it again, what there is to do, and so on, it’s not so bad.

I wouldn’t say I was looking forward to it, but I’m no longer horrified by the whole prospect of studying again.

Did I need an excuse to use this picture again?
Did I need an excuse to use this picture again?

I’m going to take the Institute’s Exam Counselling service, where they look at your exam script and put together personalised advice for you.  And I’m going to be doing lots of past exam questions.  Hopefully with only one exam to focus on I’ll be able to pass it.

I’ll keep you posted, of course, but don’t hold your breath – the exam results for the September sitting don’t come out until Christmas.


* although I will admit that my husband does most of the work on that last one.


3 thoughts on “Special Edition Goal Update

  1. You are still gonig to be an actuary, Just a bit later than you actuarry hoped. You’re very clever and exams are just big hoops to jump through on your way to other things and then they don’t matter any more. Good luck.

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