Party Time

The end of last week was a bit party-tastic.

After the picnic fun on Wednesday, I had the Division Exec BBQ on Thursday.

That was good fun. We’ve got a pretty good team in our Division, and any “meeting” which involves BBQ, wine, and guacamole dips is alright by me.


And then Friday was the last Brownies of term for my other unit.  We played a lot of party games, and revisited our code of conduct to see if everyone had been sticking to it.

Just like on Wednesday, I tried to talk to each girl.  It’s pretty difficult with 30 Brownies to get to know them all, and I don’t think I make enough effort in that regard.  The last meeting of term is not the best time to start trying – but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?  And it might mean they leave for the holidays more eager to come back, which can only be a good thing.

We also did prizes for the best Brownies of term, and there was much giving out of badges, too.  Sadly, one of the Brownies is leaving us (to move to Kenya!), so we had some goodbyes to say too.

It’s always sad to lose girls, but I understand she’s already signed up for Kenyan Girl Guides, so I’m pretty happy with that outcome!  I hope she follows through on her promise to send photos.


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