Presentations and Picnics

Yesterday evening our Brownies had their last meeting of term.  We borrowed a larger hall than normal, invited the parents, and Lightning and Sunrise put together a presentation of photos.

It took them a while.

Clearly we’ve been having too much fun.

Unfortunately, due to a lorry which caught on fire on a major arterial road at around 4pm, the traffic was terrible – to the extent that only six Brownies actually made it, and most of those were late.

We did a slightly shorter, less formal version of the original plan.  Originally, some of the Brownies were going to talk about the pictures, but none of those girls were there.  Instead we just put on a slide show and jumped in when we saw something we wanted to talk about.

The Brownies who were there gave thank you cards to the leaders. They had badges in!

I also got this badge:


Briarlands is our County campsite. They’re building a pack holiday house, and there’s just a little tiny bit left to fundraise. Some of the leaders are doing a sponsored skydive to raise the money. If you go to and donate £10 or more, you can have a badge too!

Afterwards, we had a picnic on the school field.  The weather was glorious, and the parents who had made it brought scrumptious food.  And, once we’d eaten, there was plenty of room to run around.

After reading this blog post, I made it my mission to talk to as many of the girls as possible during the evening.  Obviously, this turned out to be easier than I expected!  I had some pretty good chats.

A couple of them were telling me about their school’s sports week.  Most schools have a sports day, with races and prizes and so on.  But at this school, the last week of term is entirely sports.  They go swimming and rock climbing and fencing, play all the normal team sports like hockey and football, have a whole tennis tournament, and generally spend far more energy than they do in the entire rest of the year combined.

Another group were trying to guess my age.  I told them that I was 20 in hexadecimal, which was a whole conversation on its own.  Then we started on famous people – am I older or younger than them?  That didn’t last very long, since none of us knew how old the famous people are.

Finally, we settled on Guiding.  How long have I been helping at Brownies?  First we had to define our terms – helping as an adult, a young leader, or since I started with my Guide Service Flash?  Then I had to explain what a Service Flash was…

By this point they were starting to get the idea that I was making this as hard as possible, with as many detours as possible.

I really enjoy talking to the girls in small groups like this.  It’s something that I don’t get to do nearly often enough.  Usually we’re in a hurry to do things, or trying to organise large groups of girls.  I’d like to plan more relaxed evenings occasionally, but I worry that half the children will complain about being bored.  Perhaps during a craft activity would be a good time to do it.

Do you have time to talk to each girl?  How do you deal with the rest of the Brownies getting restless?


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