Dragon Boats

One of the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge Badge clauses is:

Make a Chinese dragon boat with your Six and race it around a course, or try dragon boating for real!

My Brownies chose this clause, but they weren’t satisfied with the first option.  Oh no, they wanted to try it for real.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find anywhere easy to get to that could provide for us, but we did manage a very similar activity – Bell Boating.


A bell boat is sort of like two canoes which have been lashed together. You can fit 12 Brownies in a boat, with a couple of adults.

Just like dragon boating, you need to work together as a team in order to get anywhere. Our instructor, Ian from the Adventurous Activity Company, was great at getting the girls to think about how their actions impacted on the others in the boat.


We were sort of in time with each other. Especially once we started singing to keep the beat!

In any case, we managed to go for a wander around the harbour, and found out what a buoy is and what a lock is for while we were at it.

We also played “push-of-war”, which is where half the boat tries to go forwards and the other half tries to go backwards. Whoever gets the furthest wins.

We only took 12 girls – with more we could have had a second boat and possibly some races, but it didn’t really need it, we had a good time with just the few of us who went.

Bell Boating

Even the Big Brownie Boot got in on the act.

It was a fabulous morning’s fun, and I would highly recommend it.


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