Good Turn Tree

Tonight at Brownies we had our attention on the Promise.

We started off with a little jigsaw-hunt. The girls had to find the (not very well hidden) jigsaw pieces, and then put them together.


Afterwards, we made Good Turn Trees.

Seahorse had made the outline of a tree, and each girl had a couple of leaves. On one leaf, they had to write a good turn that they had done recently; on the other they wrote something that they would do this week.



It would be a lovely thing to put on a notice board, but unfortunately we don’t have one. Perhaps I should ask the church if we could have one.

Do you have a notice board in your meeting place? What do you put on it?


3 thoughts on “Good Turn Tree

  1. Oo lovely, I can see why you want to display these! My district is lucky in that we have our own hall, and each group that meets there has a notice board. We also spill out of them a bit – at the moment there are several sets of Brownie-made bunting hanging up. The Rainbow and Brownie boards always look great, full of photos and the girls’ work – it’s become a bit of a competition! The two Guide units’ boards tend to be plainer and less-frequently replaced; at the moment they both have several-months-old Promise crafts on them (bunting and a tree a bit like yours). Hmm, now I’m thinking I should do something about our board over the summer!

  2. We also have our own hall, and a notice board for each unit. Because there are also other users in the hall, I tend to see our notice board as ‘our unit’s advert’ – with so many of our activities done indoors or on private land, it’s the thing about us the public see most, so I try to keep it bright, colourful and up-to-date . . .

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