The Future’s Bright…

… the future looks surprisingly like a sparkly yellow football covered in pictures.

Today the Brownies Go For It! girls started making a crystal ball so that they can see into the future.

This activity is in the very back of the Adventure Book, and it went down very well (and so it should, since they chose to do it!).

Basically, the girls had to cover their “crystal ball” with pictures and words which show what they want from their futures.

I brought along a selection of magazines – travel brochures, old Guiding magazines, the Guiding Essentials catalogue, the current Argos catalogue – for them to use.  I was quietly pleased when they went straight for the Guiding ones.



There were also a selection of exciting looking pets, tropical swimming pools and jewellery.


You might have noticed that they’re only making one ball between them. That’s why I added an extra challenge: they have to stay friends for ever. Every year, on Thinking Day, they have to pass the ball on to the next person so that they all get to be reminded of their hopes and dreams.



One of the most pleasing parts of this was the maturity they showed.  I was low on leaders due to holidays, so I gave the girls the instructions and told them to get on with it.

Not only did they get on with it, but they even tidied up their mess without any prompting at all!

Meanwhile, the other Brownies were learning about how to clean their hands properly (p44 in the book), by covering them in paint.



It was very entertaining to watch them try to wash properly without looking, but most of them did very well at cleaning off all the paint.

Yes, even under the fingernails.


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