Things I learned at Scout Camp

Everything in this post is true for Brownie camp too. Especially the first one! I don’t think I could survive camp without my thermal mug…

espresso coco

Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre badge
It was our Scout Group camp this weekend. Sixty Scouts, Cubs and Beavers from Wakefield getting together at Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre near Sheffield for the weekend. Huge amount of fun, despite the torrential rain on Saturday!

A few things I learned whilst at Scout Camp:

Scout leaders run on tea
Tea is brilliant. Ok, we knew this already. But a nice hot mug of tea in the great outdoors which, and this is the important bit, someone else has made for you, is at least 25% more brilliant. True fact.

First rule of scout camp: Scout leaders (and their assistant adult helpers, ie. me) run on tea. If you see an adult without tea, then chances are high that they need some tea. Make them a brew. Bonus points if you can train a scout to do it.

Inspired by our scout leader, I got myself one of these:

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