Thanks and Recognition

I’ve been present at quite a few occasions recently where volunteers were thanked and qualifications recognised.

Two of my unit leaders have been presented with five year service awards.  We did it in front of the Brownies, and tried to make sure that they understood why this was important.

I think it’s very important to do things like that in front of the girls – a lot of the time they take us for granted, and they need to know that we work hard to be the best leaders we can – amazing Brownie Adventures don’t just happen by themselves!

I was also given this:


Moriarty, take note – the food was “delish”!  Although, I note that Sherlock has won in the popularity stakes…

Then, the very next day, at the Rainbow event I went to, two Leaders were presented with their Leadership Qualifications – and a Unit Registration Certificate for their new Rainbow unit.  Considering that their unit officially opened less than a week before the event, they had a brilliant turn-out of girls!

It’s always pleasant to be thanked, and to have achievements recognised.  It’s not the main reason for volunteering with Girlguiding, of course, but it certainly helps with the dull paperwork part if you know your efforts are appreciated.

When was the last time you took time to thank someone who volunteers?


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