Brownie Points

During the half term camp, Brown Owl challenged me (and herself – don’t think I’ve forgotten that!) to earn ten Brownie Points and blog about it.  How do you earn Brownie Points?  The answer is here:

So how did I do?  Given that I was a little distracted by the CSI camp and for the most part forgot about the challenge, I don’t think I did too badly.

Be a good friend: Brighten up someone’s day this week – write a card, give a gift, or help a friend with something they’re working on.

I organised all the Brownies to design and sign thank you cards for all the leaders.  I had organised this before I knew about the challenge, so I’m not sure whether it counts or not.

Feel the fear and do it anyway: It could be zip wiring, abseiling or zorbing, speaking in public, signing up to learn something new or singing karaoke for the first time!

While we were eating our dinner on our day trip to the beach, there was a man who approached us.  He was… odd.  And scary, and reluctant to leave, but I stood up to him and eventually he left.

Be a survivor: Get back to basics Brownie-style – pick up a key survival skill and build your own camp fire, solar still or emergency shelter.

I learnt how to repair tent poles.  This is part of Brown Owl’s current campaign to make me do my camp licence.  I said “I won’t even consider it until I know more about tent and campsite maintenance”, and she heard “I want to learn about tent and campsite maintenance so I can do my camp licence”.

Go figure.

Fight injustice: Sign a campaign or raise awareness of an issue facing girls and women around the world.


Go green: Ban yourself from using plastic bags for the week, swap an hour’s TV every evening for exercise, reading or a game, and have at least one meat-free day.

Yes on the TV(!) and meat-free day, but plastic bags were always going to be a challenge on camp – rubbish, wet clothes, fish and chips…

For bonus points, I had several fruitful discussions with the Brownies about reducing water pollution.  We all got “don’t throw litter”, and they all made the connection to reducing and recycling as a step towards that.

What impressed me most was the two groups who (without any prompting at all) came up with this:

“Oil spills are bad.  Lots of oil is transported around the world because it’s not made in the places it’s used.  We can’t move the place it’s made or the place it’s used, so we could reduce the amount used.  If we use less, we transport less, so there is less chance of oil spills.  So we should walk or cycle instead of using the car.”

Get exploring: Go somewhere you’ve never been. It doesn’t have to be the North Pole or the Amazon basin – it could be a park you haven’t visited.

I think, technically, I’ve been to Weston beach before, but it was so long ago I’ve forgotten everything about it.  And, while I’ve visited the campsite before, I’ve never camped there until last week.  So I think I’ll give myself a half point here.

Paws for thought: Raise money or awareness of an animal cause or volunteer your time with a local animal sanctuary.

Utter fail… But in “real life” my Brownies are currently collecting donations for an animal shelter.

Be an active citizen: Pledge an hour of your time to fundraise, collect items to donate or volunteer with a local charity, foodbank or hospital.

An hour of my time?  Really?  On a week long camp that is entirely volunteering?  I think I managed this one!

Become a cool head in a crisis: Brush up on how to treat cuts, burns and nosebleeds, and how to recognise heart attacks and shock.

Not being the first aider, I didn’t deal with any problems like this.  But I did teach the Brownies how to rescue a drowning person, which possibly counts as keeping a cool head in a crisis.

Who wants to see a crime scene?

Be inspirational: Use this week to set yourself a new challenge – learn a language, set a fundraising target or aim to swim the length of the channel by the end of 2014.

Hmmm.  Do I count “get my camp licence” as a new challenge?  I’m hoping to go to Japan with Kempo next year, perhaps I’ll properly learn Japanese.  That’s not really a new challenge, though, I started it already.  I’m not sure whether I scored this one or not.

Adding it all up, I think I scored 6 or 7 out of 10 – not bad considering I’d forgotten about the challenge by the middle of the second day.

How many Brownie Points could you earn in a week?



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