CSI camp begins

Three Brownie units came together today for the first day of a week long camp.

The leaders have been here since Saturday, pitching and setting up, and we were happy to see all the eager smiling faces arrive.

This week is CSI themed (or “murder mystery spies scary dark”), as was requested. So we’ve gone for a mix of proper CSI and Sherlock Holmes themed things.

Our sixes are Baskervilles, Baker Street, CSI Miami, CSI New York, and CSI Las Vegas, and my name for the week is Sherlock.

Our view is gorgeous.


Popular items from today included the potato game, the wide game, free time, and rest hour.

The Potato Game

For this game, you will need a potato per girl, lots of peelers, a large pot of water, and a willing victim/volunteer.

Everyone peels their potato, the victim stands next to the pot of water, and the girls throw their potatoes in to the water.


The prize for finishing first is another potato. Continue until you have enough potato for your dinner!

Wide Game

Our wide game was largely based on (one might even say completely stolen from) this one.

Overall, we had a pretty amazing first day, and there were lots of tired but happy girls snuggling into sleeping bags tonight.


7 thoughts on “CSI camp begins

  1. Good theme – I’m intrigued to hear what else you do. And haha, I’ve played the potato “game”. It was surprisingly popular!

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