May Goal Report

Yes, I know I’m a little early.  Next week I’ll have much more interesting things to talk about than my 2014 goals, because next week is Brownie Camp!

So, three weeks of May are gone, and here’s a little look at how it’s going.

Work – Qualify as an Actuary

We’re mostly in a holding pattern at the moment, waiting for exam results.  I’ve done a little work on my work based skills evidence and learning logs.

For extra fun we discovered that they’ve moved the results date (just quietly, without mentioning it to anyone) – I’ll be finding out a week earlier than I would have done, so that’s good.

Good Guiding Is…


We’ve done what feels like a lot this month.  Starquest and camp next week are the big ones, but we’ve also done a lot of things around the new Brownie Adventures book. The activities in it are going down a storm.

Family Time

May has mostly been spent not feeling guilty over time spent chatting.  I’ve been on a few trips, too – Dave and I went to London to see some Vikings, and we’ve also been to meet my new nephew, who is quite cute.


Overall, I’m feeling good about this goal – and not too guilty about running away for the entireity of next week to play with children.


We’ve had a few people go for gradings recently, so I’ve had a lot of practice revising the lower grade techniques.  It’s cliche, but helping other people learn really does improve your own understanding.

Learning-wise, I’ve spent some time making notes on techniques I’m unsure of, and I’m working through them.  It’s slow, but I’m progressing.  Perhaps a little behind where I hoped I’d be at this point.

Other Stuff

Reading: I set myself a goal of 52 books this year – one a week.  20 weeks into the year, I’ve read 12, which is a little behind schedule, but a significant improvement on where it was at the end of April.  I suspect I won’t read a lot next week, I’m usually a little too busy on camp to read!

Blogging: Still on track for three posts a week, and nobody seems to utterly hate what I’m talking about, so that’s good!

How are your 2014 goals going?


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