Another day, another Big Brownie Birthday celebration.  This weekend’s fun was the County Starquest event.

1200 Brownies all in the same place.  It practically defines the phrase “organised chaos”!

If you remember, last week we spent some time decorating cakes. Well, when we went to submit our entry, we decided we didn’t have much of a chance of winning – but that it was ok, because our cake still looked very tasty, and since we were going to eat it later, that was very important.



After we handed in our cake, we headed off to do some activities.  First stop – the Exploradome!

An Exploradome is kind of a cross between a planetarium and an inflatable that you sit inside.  We had a look at some stars and planets, and learnt why Ursa Minor is where it is.

For those who were wondering, it’s because Mummy Bear (Ursa Major) was annoyed with him for running off all the time, so she pinned his tail to the north star.

There were a lot of stars involved in the event (as you might expect given its name).  Apparently, all the stars from the sky over New Zealand have disappeared, and we need to find them all before the end of the NZ night – which, coincidentally, is the English day.

Every activity we completed gave us a stamp of a star, and by the end of the day we had collected enough to save New Zealand.

We did a lot of very exciting activities.  In no particular order, we built a submarine, hunted ducks, made friendship bracelets, key rings, god’s eyes and badges.



We also played around in a bell tent and made a mini bedding roll to keep our sweets dry, did some lashing, and carried each other around on the gadget we made.


Everybody had a brilliant day.  We definitely need lots and lots of “thank you”s directed at the organisers!



4 thoughts on “Starquest!

  1. Sounds like a great day! Those are some very tasty-looking cakes; and I’m sure the citizens of New Zealand are relieved that the Brownies managed to save their stars 😉

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