Cake Designing

It’s our County Starquest event on Saturday.

I’m very excited.  For those who don’t know, Starquest is a one-day activity event for Brownies, to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday.  I’ll be blogging about it on Monday.

Our County is having a very impressive turnout – apparently over 1200 Brownies are booked to come!

I’m a little worried about losing some girls…

One of the things we’re doing is a cake competition, so tonight the girls designed and created their entry.  They had to draw out their design and then make sure what they put on the cake matched it as closely as possible.



I’m not going to show you the finished design – I know some of the organisers read this blog and I don’t want to prejudice them (for or against!) our entry…

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to take some pictures of others when we arrive, and I’ll put a selection up on Monday.


One thought on “Cake Designing

  1. The organisers of the event are not connected in anyway to the judges, in fact the judges have been specially selected by someone else!! But I have heard that there are many cakes all across the County being carefully guarded until Saturday. Personally I can’t wait to see 80 Big Brownie Birthday Cakes!!!

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