Communication Skills

One of the Big Brownie Birthday challenge badge clauses is around team building exercises.

Dawn (that’s her Brownie name, even though it can be a real name too) is doing her leadership qualification, and we set her to organising this one.  She did really well; we were all very impressed.

There were two activities for the girls to do, both based around the idea that good teams need good communication skills.

First, they were split into groups of six.  It wasn’t their normal sixes, so they had to learn to work with random people.

Dawn asked them to line up in order of when there birthdays were in the year.  Then we counted off in sixes, so all the January birthdays ended up working together.  It really split up the friendship groups!

Memory Game

Dawn had put together an A4 sheet with pictures and words on.  We hid this away, and the girls had to take turns going to look at it for 30 seconds.  When they came back, they had to draw an exact replica of the picture.

They had to work together, suggesting things for each other to focus on, and helping remind each other what they had seen.

They all did really well at that – here’s one of the attempts.



Afterwards, they had to figure out what was missing from the picture.  Hint: it’s got something to do with the words.

Helping Each Other

The second activity was quite messy!  In their groups of six, they had some instructions for something to make.

Only two were allowed to see the instructions – and they weren’t allowed to talk.  Two were allowed to carry things around, but only had one arm.  And the last two were allowed to mix things, but were blindfolded!



There was some good teamwork and leadership going on, and everyone managed to make the item – which turned out to be coconut ice.  Yum!

We also made a mess, but that’s hardly unusual, and it gives us another teamwork opportunity – cleaning up!


3 thoughts on “Communication Skills

  1. Oooh I like the coconut ice idea!
    We had a good one a while ago where we had a ‘teddy bear’s picnic’, and they had to make and pack jam sandwiches – so one girl got the bread, passed it on, next girl buttered, passed in on, next girl jam’d, passed it on, next one cut into quarters, passed it on, next girl wrapped it in plastic wrap, and finally passed it to the girl who packed it in the picnic basket 🙂
    Took them a while to figure out how they could do the task in such a way as to give the whole group something useful to do!

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