New Brownie Adventures

As many of you will no doubt be aware, Girlguiding have redesigned the Brownie Adventures book.

The Brownie Adventures is what used to be called the Brownie Handbook. I think Adventures makes it sound more fun!

6807-brownie-adventuresThe book, which used to be two books (Adventure and Adventure On), is now only one book again, a change which everyone I’ve spoken to welcomes with open arms. It’s so much better not to have to fuss with two books, giving them out at the right time, and so on.

There are several sections in the book. The first section is all about Brownies, what we do, a little history, WAGGGS, and the Promise. The other sections are devoted to the three badges: Adventure, Adventure On, and More Adventures.

Each section gives the syllabus for the badge, and some activities to try. The syllabus is similar for each badge, but with increasing difficulty.

For example, each badge has a Promise requirement; for Adventure you need to learn more about the Promise, but for More Adventures you have to help someone else understand it.

For all three badges, you have to do three activities each from You, Community, and World – there are examples given in the book, and they are more challenging for the older girls.

Of course, other activities also count, not just the ones in the book, so Brownies should be able to complete the badges just by turning up to Unit meetings, as long as your programme is suitably varied.

I showed my girls the new books on Friday, and they were very impressed.  They all really want a copy for their very own.

To get to know them a little, I put together a couple of quizzes – all the answers are in the book. If you want to use them, I’ve uploaded them in the “Resources to Download” section of this site.

adventureThe girls also liked the new badges, although some of the older ones decided they want to get the old Adventure On badge, so it matches the Adventure they already have.

All in all, everyone seems happy with the new book and badges.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Have you seen the new book yet?  What do you think?


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