Where can you find…

A lady in a bed, a brown paper package, lots of kittens, some lonely goatherds, a ladybird, and some exceptional singing?

Answer: at a special, Brownie Only, performance of The Sound of Music, to which people have been instructed to come dressed as their “favourite thing”.

This was, of course, the latest event in the Big Brownie Birthday celebrations.


We even had prizes for the best dressed, both child and adult.

I think my favourite, for sheer inventiveness, was the two leaders who came as Shakespeare. They were dressed as bees – wings, stripes and all – and on their backs they had signs. One said “or” and the other “not”.


I must confess to a strong temptation to sing along, and do some clapping during a certain song. But I managed to restrain myself.

Everyone had an amazing time, and the girls loved the show. The acting was very good, and the singing just incredible.

Definitely a good way to spend a Saturday morning.


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