April Goal Report

How is it the end of April already?

How does time fly so fast?  I’ve definitely not been having fun…


I had my last exam today.  No more study until at least July (that’s when the results are out).

I’d love to say it went really well.

I’ll settle for “it went”.

I’m notorious for not commenting on how exams went, so why break the habit now?

Nevertheless, this section of my 2014 goals now changes.  Instead of incessant studying, I get to finalise all my work based skills evidence so that everything is ready.

Just in case.


I’ve had some good conversations this month, mostly over dinner.  They’ve been tinged a little with guilt – should I have been spending that time studying?

Mr Jasper approves of sunshine.
Mr Jasper approves of sunshine.

Hopefully I can now relax a little and properly enjoy spending time with Dave and the cats.

Good Guiding Is…

Having an Easter break, for most of the month!

Of course, we did manage to tick off “Going Away” and “Moving On and Growing”, with some girls getting their Brownies Go For It! badge and moving on to Guides.

And “Fun”.  More on that in Friday’s post.

So actually, considering the three weeks of holiday, we got a lot done!


Being the holidays meant I got extra Kempo – even more than I was expecting, because we had a long session on Good Friday.

I’ve more or less come to a standstill in the learning stuff stakes, though – I rather thought that passing my exams was more important.

Roll on May – we’re kicking the month off with a weekend seminar, and I intend to get really stuck in to learning lots.


Yep, still hanging in there.  I’m enjoying myself, but I worry sometimes about running out of things to say.

Do let me know if you want me to talk about anything in particular, won’t you?


{Insert insane laughter here.}

Yeah.  We’ll get to that in May, ok?

How are your 2014 goals progressing?


3 thoughts on “April Goal Report

  1. Sounds like all is ticking along resasonably! Maybe at the end of June you should re-set the priorities in light of what has/has not happened 🙂
    My Guides goals are good – our retention is excellent, and for the first time since I’ve been a leader there, one of my groups (my Juniors) (6-9s) is actually full until next term when a bunch will move to Seniors 🙂

    1. Well done! How many do you count as full? Is there a defined limit in general or does it depend on how many leaders or what size hall you have?

      I think you’re right about June. I’ll have to do that.

      1. We’re counting full as 16 kids – 3 patrols worth. There’s no defined limit, but 3 patrols of juniors plus 2 patrols of seniors is plenty for 3 leaders (one is finishing up in two weeks).

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