Teamwork and Leadership

First night back at Brownies after the Easter break, and we kicked off with some promotions!

We had three girls leave us, so we needed three new Sixers, and three new Seconders.  The girls love to be put in charge of things.


With so many new responsibilities, we just had to do some leadership activities, so I utterly stole took inspiration from one of the trainings I did at County Day.

We started by drawing the outline of a person, and filling it with the qualities of a good leader.  Bad qualities went on the outside.

Here’s a couple of the creations:




Some fun ideas – I particularly like that bad leaders would “poison people”, and that good leaders are fun, kind and respectful.  They make sure nobody is left out.

After that, we made some jam sandwiches.

And then, the greatest challenge of all, I left the Brownies alone with the remains of the bread and jam, and told them that I would come back in five minutes to check on the tidiness of the room.

When I came back, the table had been cleaned, the plates washed, and the pens put away.  Very pleasing!


The rest of the Brownies, meanwhile, were doing teamwork.  They did the same outline of a Brownie exercise, but with team players rather than leaders.

Afterwards, they worked in teams to try and build the tallest (self-supporting) tower possible from marshmallows and spaghetti.




Everyone had fun – and I hope we learnt a little about working together, too.


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