Monday Musing: A story about being considerate

A Guide is polite and considerate.
A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself.

Once upon a time, a man forgot to kiss his wife goodbye in the morning.

This caused the wife to be grumpy.  She went shopping, and was rude to the cashier.

The cashier didn’t like this, and when another customer wanted help finding the exact right cardigan she didn’t have quite as much patience as she normally did.

The customer noticed and was offended.  On the way home, she picked up her teenage son from school.  He started chattering about his day, but she wasn’t really paying attention because she was thinking about the rude cashier.

The son, knowing that his mother wasn’t paying attention, kicked a can into the path of an oncoming car, just to see what would happen.

The driver swerved and swore loudly.  He was still fuming about it when he reached his destination, where he offloaded his disgust to his friend over coffee.

The friend was slightly irritated by this.  He had wanted to share his worries, but had to listen to someone else’s instead.  He got the bus home afterwards and was rude to the bus driver.

The bus driver went home to his wife in a bad mood, never knowing that it was his own thoughtlessness that morning that had caused his problem.


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