Good Guiding Is… Learning

I recently acquired a copy of the Guiding Handbook.

A recent copy, that is.  I’ve had a copy for ages – so long in fact that it was quite out of date.  Since my leaders-in-training keep asking to borrow it so they can look things up to discuss with their mentors, I thought it wise to get a more modern version.

It took me a while, because they were in the middle of revising the text, so it was out of stock in the Girlguiding shop.

But I have a copy now, and I thought before I passed it on to the leaders-in-training I would have a flick through and see what has changed.

I’ve learnt a lot.

I’m now leaning towards the idea that everyone should be forced to read this book at least every five years, just to remind them which rules are actual rules and which are more like the Pirate’s Code*.

For example, I was involved in eavesdropping on a conversation a while ago about moving from Guides to Rangers (goodness knows why, I’m a Brownie Leader!).  One party was asserting that it was impossible to be a Guide and a Ranger at the same time, so if the Guide wanted to finish her BP she couldn’t start Rangers yet.

I think the other party was agreeing (I wasn’t really paying attention), but asking if an exception could be made just this once.

The Guiding Handbook says:

Some Guides like to move on to The Senior Section over a period of time, attending meetings from both sections … be flexible in your approach to supporting each Guide through this move.

I did not know that.

I would suspect it to be a change in the rules, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m pretty certain I was a Guide, Ranger and Young Leader all at the same time when I was 14.

When was the last time you read the Guiding Handbook?  If it’s more than five years, read it now (it’s not that long) and leave a comment with an interesting fact you learnt.

* the Code is more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules.” – Captain Hector Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean


2 thoughts on “Good Guiding Is… Learning

  1. Thanks for the reminder – we’ve had a few Guides doing this (easy as the local Rangers meet on the same night as Guides but only every other week) but I hadn’t really thought about how “allowed” this was. It only gets tricky around census time when the leaders have to agree which girls to count in which unit.

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