High Intensity Fun

Last weekend we packed our bags and headed off to PGL Tregoyd for a couple of days of high-intensity fun.

PGL is very different to a traditional Brownie Holiday.  There’s no chores (apart from keeping your rooms tidy), there’s no rest hour, and it’s all very high energy.


Over the course of the two days we did archery, abseiling, climbing, orienteering, aeroball, fencing, and raft building, played a wide game, and even found time to complete some badge work.  We did Brownie Holiday, Brownie Holiday Advanced, and Water Safety (which went quite well with our raft building session).


Memorable quote of the weekend (about fencing, in case you were wondering):

I felt like I wanted to hit someone, but I knew I wasn’t going to hurt them because of the funny helmet and the suit thing.
EL, 7 years old

Our PGL groupies, Bree and Charlie, were a lot of fun.  They kept everyone happy and active between activities, and were constantly playing games and singing songs.  They deserve a very big Thank You!

The wide game we played was new to me.  It was called “Ambush”, and is probably best described as a cross between hide and seek and sardines.

The girls were divided into two teams.  One team had to hide (everyone in the same place, like in sardines), and the other team had four minutes to find them.

Both teams had to stick together as a team, not split up.

If the seeking team found the hiding team, they won.  If the hiding team stayed hidden for four minutes, they won.

If the seeking team walked past the hiding team without finding them, then the hiding team could leap out on them from behind and yell “ambush!” – which meant they won that round.

Definitely worth trying if you have access to a suitable area.

PGL always goes down well. One of the girls, as we were leaving, asked when we were coming back. She was quite disappointed when we told her we hadn’t planned that far ahead yet!



Have you been to PGL (or a similar centre)?  Do you prefer that, or a more “traditional” Brownie Holiday?  What do your Brownies prefer?


10 thoughts on “High Intensity Fun

  1. We’ve booked Bouldering for our Guides for May, was a bit disappointed to find out it wasn’t climbing with ropes but still, it’s a bit more hardcore than “yet another craft night”.

  2. Haven’t tried out PGL yet – though the lack of cooking is very tempting! Sounds like a great adventure.
    What do your Brownies prefer of the two?

    1. As you might expect, it depends on the child. We’ve got some who LIVE for adventurous activities, and some who prefer more relaxed crafty weekends. But the one thing that all of them agree on is that they love rest hour, so perhaps “traditional” wins on that front. Best case I think is traditional at a location that allows at least one adventure during the weekend.

  3. This sounds amazing! I’m especially envious of the fencing – i’ve always wanted to try that. My girls and I have only ever been on a traditional Brownie camp (holiday) because we don’t have many other options available. I think I need to get us fundraising for a trip to the UK so we can visit some of your Guiding sites! I’m sure international travel with 20 girls would be a breeze! 🙂

    1. We did Paris not long ago. It was a strange mixture of highly stressful and surprisingly normal. The girls loved it though. A taste of real independence from their parents. Definitely internationals are a good experience.

  4. Ooh I like the sound of Ambush… I’m now trying to think of ways to adapt it for the summer camp. Did they play several rounds or was once for each team enough?

    My Guides have been on Acorn Adventure holidays every 2-3 years for many years and we always have a great time. I’d like to try PGL one day too.

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