March Goal Report

Another month has passed us by, and it’s time once again for an update on my 2014 goals.  Where does the time go?

Work: Qualify as an Actuary

I’ve done a lot of past exam questions this month.  Honestly, the ST1 questions are going better than the SA2 questions.  They tend to be shorter, and more broken up.

In SA2 you are much more likely to get “Here is a wide, sweeping statement.  Discuss.”, which means that it’s quite easy to miss the point of the whole question.

ST1 is more likely to ask specific questions, so it’s easier to interpret.

It’s now only 3 weeks and 2 days until my SA2 exam, and I’m caught in that window of wishing it was longer because I don’t feel ready, and wishing it was shorter because I just want it to be over with already.

I hate this part of the process!  Fortunately, Mr Jasper is helping.


Family: Active Homeostasis

I feel like this is slipping slightly.  I’ve had a few extra guiding meetings this month, and I’ve been spending more time studying.

Guiding: Provide Good Guiding

March Guiding activities have been quite fun, and we’ve covered quite a few of the Good Guiding categories.

We did “moving on and growing” – what I want to be when I grow up, with special guests who told us about their jobs.

We also had our Fair Trade tea party (developing the skills of selling things and carrying hot drinks safely, both important life skills), and an entire evening of laughter for International Day of Happiness.  That definitely counts as “fun”!

On the Leader side, it was County Day this month.  Lots of Learning and Fun involved in that one, and some Opportunities and Awareness too.


Shorinji Kempo: Learn all the techniques

I’ve missed a few sessions this month, but I hadn’t really planned to learn anything new until after April, so I don’t feel so bad about it.


Have I posted three times every week?  Yes, I have; although it was a struggle some weeks.  This post especially felt a little like cheating.

I’ve enjoyed thinking about the Guide Law though.


Yeah… still on 6 books read.

I’m making progress on one, but it’s non-fiction, and it’s not really a high priority compared to other things at the moment.

Having said that, I have been saying all along that I’ll read more after the exams, and that’s still the plan.  Assuming I’m still on six books at the end of April, I’ll have 34 weeks to read 46 books, which is totally possible.



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