My week in random thoughts

Laughter is the best medicine

Did you know that 20th March is International Day of Happiness?

My Brownies celebrated this by having an evening dedicated to laughter. 

We performed the “circle of giggles”.  Everyone has to lie on the ground with their head on the stomach of their neighbour.  Then someone tells a joke.  If anyone laughs, their neighbour’s head gets jiggled, which makes them laugh, and so on…


Some of the jokes were terrible.

Then we got the parachute out and played silly games.  It was an interesting experience, what with the hall being only a little bigger than the parachute – but it wasn’t nice enough weather to go outside, so we made do.

Getting carried away

Meanwhile, my other Brownie unit was designing the perfect bedroom for their grand-daughter.  We got a little carried away and almost ran over time.  Sunrise noticed with about 2 minutes to go – possibly the fasted clear-up we’ve ever done!  The girls were having so much fun with it that they wanted to carry on the same activity this week.

Here are some of the finished creations:



Sometimes, the simplest things keep them entertained for hours, and sometimes they need constant entertainment. Children are amazing creatures.

An observation about observation

It’s amazing what people notice, isn’t it? 

I got new glasses this week.  The coating on one of my old lenses had gone funny, so looking through them was a bit of a pain.  This meant that last week, while waiting for the new glasses to be ready, I was mostly wearing contact lenses.

Normally, I only wear contacts for sports, so most people only ever see me in glasses.

Nobody at work mentioned my lack of glasses.  The other Brownie leaders, some of whom comment on everything, didn’t mention it.  I don’t know whether it was because nobody noticed, or whether nobody thought it was worth mentioning.

One person asked why I wasn’t wearing glasses, and that person was an eight-year-old Brownie.

Even more entertainingly, when I explained to the group what was going on, one of the other Brownies said “I didn’t know you wore glasses!”.

Did you not?  You’ve only known me for two years now, and in that time this was the first time I’d been to Brownies without glasses on.

I have this urge to do some kind of police line-up game to see if the girls can observe things if they try!  Hmmm… Actually, that might fit well into the May half term camp theme.>


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