February Goal Report

At the start of 2014, I set myself some goals, and I promised to give an update once a month.  If I know someone is watching, I’m much more likely to keep on track.

So how’s it going?  Not so bad, I think.

Goal The First: Qualify as an Actuary

My most important goal for the year is still going well.  I’ve studied more consistently and with more focus than I can remember studying for any exam since I left school.  I’ve been studying at lunchtime at work, and that is working well still, although I’m finding that I flag a little by Friday.

For the ST1 exam, I’ve got ActEd Revision Notes, which include questions to help you learn all of the bookwork, and past exam questions, split into five topic-based booklets.  I’ve now been through all of the booklets once, and I’m up to the second for the second time, learning all of the bookwork that could come up.

For application, I’ve been doing past exam questions, and I’ve done questions from 2 of the booklets.  I’m feeling pretty good, although I can see that there is some work to do still judging by the marks I’ve been getting on the exam questions.

For SA2, I’ve finished re-reading the entire course, and I’ve been spending time learning lists of things.  I’ve also been using the ActEd MyTest product, which asks questions based on the bookwork.  It keeps track of which ones you’re bad at, and asks you those more often.  I started off with quite bad scores, but with lots of repetition I’m up to about 75% accuracy.

Now that I’m done re-reading the course, it’s time to start on exam questions.

Of course, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating, but I’m not dreading the exam, and that’s a good sign.

Guiding: Provide Good Guiding

Two months in, how many opportunities have we provided for our girls?

If you will recall, I was aiming for two good examples from each of the categories.  That equated to about 2 each month.  What I failed to take into account is that I help with two units…

Fortunately they’re both very active, so we didn’t have to up our game very much to meet the goal.


Unit 1:
– Developing Skills (fake wounds and how to treat them)
– Going Away (Big Brownie Birthday Sleepover).
– Decision Making and Planning (choosing BBB Challenge Badge clauses; Leaders planning meeting).

Unit 2:
– Decision Making and Planning (choosing BBB Challenge Badge clauses; Brownies take over the meeting).
– Going Away (Big Brownie Birthday Sleepover, although I wasn’t involved, being with Unit 1 at a different venue).


Unit 1:
– Challenge and Adventure (Celebrate, although it only included six of the girls).
– Learning (for Thinking Day we learnt about the WAGGGS focus countries).
– Living the Promise and Law (we had a Promise Party tonight for four new Brownies).

Unit 2:
– Challenge and Adventure (Celebrate, although it only included six of the girls).
– Opportunities and Awareness (Thinking Day raised awareness of international Guiding).
– Fun (candle making).

Our plans for March include some Moving On and Growing, Living the Promise and Law, and of course more Fun.


Family: Active Homeostasis

Dave says: I can’t tell which days are going to be taken over by Guiding… but I couldn’t before, so you have achieved homeostasis.

Jasper says: “I don’t like your new study habits.  Why are you not sitting on the sofa?  Maybe if I come and sit on the table, on your notes, you’ll pay attention to… Oooh, string!”

Una says: “Meow.  Meow.  Meow.  Look, I brought you a stick!  Dave has very comfortable legs.  I am cute.  The sink is fun.  Do you mind if I dry my paws on your trousers?  Where are my noms?”

So, not so bad, all round.

Kempo: Learn all the techniques on my syllabus

I’ve not paid a lot of attention to this, but I’ve been going to training, and volunteering to help with the lower grades.  Multiple benefits – improve my teaching skills, brush up on techniques, and practice on people who I’m not as used to training with.

The (somewhat badly named) University Training Seminar was this month, too, which meant I and lots of others descended on Glasgow to train with people from around the country.  It was a good weekend, and I learnt a lot.

Other Stuff

Reading: 52 books in the year – I’m up to 6, meaning I’m behind schedule if I was trying to spread them evenly.  But that’s ok, I’ll catch up after the exams.

Blogging: 3 posts per week is still on track.  And, fortunately, the poll that I put up on Monday seems to be saying that the frequency is just right.

How are your 2014 goals going?


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