Monday Maths: Surveys

One of the things that Brownies can choose to do for their “Number Fun” badge is:

Carry out a survey of at least 20 people and share the results with the tester. The survey must include at least five questions.

We quite often use this one on Brownie Holidays as a way of gathering feedback on the event.  We suggest a couple of questions for them, but most of the questions they make up themselves.  It can lead to some interesting questions!  Why not try it some time?

I’d like to do a little survey today.  If enough people take part I’ll have both some interesting data and an excuse to draw pretty graphs…

And finally, Q6 is for the comments:

Q6.  If there was one thing you could add or change about my blog, what would it be?

Next week, assuming I get any responses to my survey, I’ll probably do a little bit about types of graphs.  Can drawing graphs be fun?  I guess we’ll find out next week!


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