Leaders of the Future

Last week at Brownies we had a topsy-turvy night.  The Brownies were the Leaders, and the Leaders were the Brownies!

The girls had planned everything the week before.  They were in three groups, and each group had 20 minutes to fill.  The only guidance they had was “no, you can’t do that, it’s dangerous”.  Everything else was up to them!


To be honest, I was a little nervous what they would come up with.

I needn’t have worried, of course.  They all did very well.  I forget which group did what, but throughout the evening we had:

Running around games, involving disaster recovery.  For example, if someone called “earthquake” we had to lie on the floor.

There was a game involving feeding each other melted chocolate with a spoon – no hands allowed!  That was fun.

20140204-174746.jpgWe played the chocolate game (with dice, and hat, gloves, knife and fork), which went down well, as you might imagine.  I only managed to get any chocolate by cheating, but the “leaders” kindly handed out spare chocolate to those who didn’t manage to get any through legitimate means.

There was also a very odd game involving throwing cuddly toys into a colander, which I didn’t really understand.  Possibly because I wasn’t really paying attention to the instructions, having been distracted by chocolate.

One of the groups had requested that we all bring our teddy bears, and we played, among other things, “teddy murder” – the teddies did the murdering, so no teddies were harmed.  I was very relieved to hear that!


What have we learned from this experience?

All of our girls have great leadership potential.  This did not come as a great shock to any of us, although it really brought to light some of the changes in the older ones.  They were such quiet Rainbows…

They do, however, need to work on teamwork.  They were all so excited about being in charge that they all wanted to explain what was going on.  With so many people trying to talk at the same time, it took three times as long to explain anything!

I think the girls have a greater understanding of the effort that goes into making meetings fun for them each week, which can only be a good thing.

Our final act of the evening was a quick poll.  Having done this, who wants to be a Leader when they grow up?




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