Monday Maths: Measuring Madness

What do Brownies love to do?

In my experience, they want to have fun, run around, go on adventures – and eat!  Today is all about cooking.

Cooking is a great way to encourage maths use.  You have to measure and weigh ingredients, understand time and temperature, and also you learn patience!

If you’re feeling adventurous, give them a recipe that only serves one and see if they can multiply up to feed their Six or Patrol.

It’s *organised* chaos, I promise!

If you don’t have an oven in your meeting place, you can still cook.  You could do peppermint crèmes, chocolate fridge cake (if you have a kettle to help with melting the chocolate), or even pancakes.

Pancakes?  Yes, even pancakes.  You’ll need:

  • a candle (a tea light is fine),
  • a tin can,
  • something to put oxygen holes in the can with (I had good luck with a strong screwdriver),
  • some pancake mixture!

A word of warning though – you’ll need a lot of them going at the same time, or it’ll take so long that your girls will get bored!

Alas, we did this activity during our recent night of no electricity, so my photos didn’t turn out very well.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.


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