The Brownie Code of Conduct

As part of the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge Badge, our girls have been writing Codes of Conduct in their Sixes.

Some of them are more entertaining than others.

Before we began, we discussed what a Code of Conduct is, and what sort of things they might like to put in one.  I gave a couple of suggestions to get them started (like don’t put “jump up and down shouting in Snowflake’s face at every opportunity”, but perhaps “be nice to each other” would be a little more sensible).

I’m afraid some of the groups took some of my initial suggestions a little too seriously!

Scan 3

The Sprites came up with this awesome creation (which I fear I was not supposed to read, because now I know the secret handshake):


It contains both explosions and making sure everyone knows what they’re doing.  Which is pretty cool.

I think my absolute favourite was this though.  The Sixer of the Imps gave everyone a pen and had them all spill their guts onto a single piece of paper.  This was the result:

Scan 1

I love that they have “be yourself”, “put others before yourself” and “be helpful” all in there.  Good solid Guiding Values, with no prompting from the leaders.


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