Plotting and Planning and Evil Maniacal Laughter

This week has mainly been about planning.

We’ve been picking our challenges for the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge Badge; we’ve been picking themes for Camp, and places to go on day trips; and I’ve been plotting to go on a cycling holiday in 2015.

Sorry about the lack of pictures – I’ve been too busy having fun to think about cameras!

Big Brownie Birthday Challenge

For the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge Badge, the Brownies have to do nine challenges.  There are three compulsory ones (one each from the “you”, “community” and “world” sections of the Brownie programme), and then six that the girls choose.

We’ve picked more than that, because there were so many good ideas!

It’s going to take us all term and probably most of next term to do all the things we’ve chosen, but that’s fine – it means that if a girl is ill and misses a week she can still earn the badge.

Some of the highlights that were chosen:

  • Do a conga around a shopping centre, while handing out leaflets that say how much fun Brownies is.
  • Make fake wounds and then learn how to treat them.
  • Do yoga and massage.
  • Where would you like to be evacuated to in times of war?  Write a postcard home.
  • Chinese dragon boat racing!
  • Visit a stately home.
  • Think of the most unusual place you could have a cup of tea – and then go and do it!

Camp Themes and Trips

I’m always entertained by the choices the girls make, but perhaps more entertained by the options that are suggested but not eventually chosen.

  • Beano
  • Strictly come dancing
  • The planets
  • Water
  • Spy/Murder/Mystery
  • Scary/Dark
  • Animals
  • Circus

We had some good discussions – the girls were getting really into suggesting activities as well as the theme.

I love what they’ve chosen as their day-trip for mid-week.  Guaranteed that everyone gets at least one proper decent wash during the camp if you visit a water park!

What did they choose for their theme?  You’ll just have to wait and see.

What’s this about cycling?

There’s a Girlguiding charity challenge in 2015.  Cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia.  Which sounds horrendous, but it’s mostly flat (ish) and there are some boat parts, and you take your time over it.

The charity part comes because the trip costs more than the cost of the trip – the excess goes to charity.  You’re supposed to fundraise for it.

A friend mentioned it to me – she wants to do it, and was looking for co-conspirators.

Bravely (stupidly?) I’ve agreed.

Where’s the Evil?

You may have noticed that in among all that there wasn’t actually any evil maniacal laughter.

That came on Saturday.

We took our Brownies to see The Little Mermaid at the Bristol Old Vic.  It was a spectacular performance, well worth going to see.  The mermaid’s tail is gorgeous, and the singing was impressive.

And the evil sea witch had a brilliant laugh.


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