Guiding around the web

Lots of people have stopped their Guiding activity for the holidays, so today I’m bringing you a little look at some of the other Guiding blogs around the internet.  Since you (of course) now have lots of spare time in which to read them.

(Ha!  Isn’t sarcasm great?)

Guiding Blogs and Blogs by Leaders

One of the things that a lot of us have in common is that we love Guiding – and people love to talk about the things they love.  That means that there are quite a lot of blogs about Guiding if you look hard enough!

This Little Guiding Light is a blog by the President of Girlguiding Cymru (that’s Wales).

Guide Leaders in Henley have a blog about their Guiding lives.  Some of their adventures sound like fun!

In Edinburgh, Brownies are doing fencing, wearing sari, and going to the beach, among other things.  Look here:

There are also a lot of blogs written by Leaders – about anything and everything, including Guiding.

Julie Taylor Kent is one such leader – a Brownie leader from Bristol, much like myself.  She’s a creative sort, and you can find her here:

Louise is The Crafty Guider and blogs about life as a mum, Guide leader, and blogger, who runs a business and tries to look after her home as well.  It’s a busy life but she loves it!

Laura Anne is a blogger and Guide leader from Scotland.  She talks about life, charity work, gymnastics, and a whole host of random things.  Look here:

Heather May Stanley writes eloquently about life, Guiding, Christianity, food and more.

Claire Partington writes about the Adventures of a Brownie and Guide Leader:

Blogs from our world-spanning empire of friendship

Of course, Guiding isn’t restricted to this country!  I love the internet because of its world-wide appeal.

The Girl Guides of Canada have a huge selection of guest bloggers who write on a diverse set of topics.  You can find them here:

Girl Scouts in North Carolina have a similar blog.  It’s here:

Not to be outdone, the Australians have Laurie, who writes at GuideyDiary

Have a look around – there’s friendship everywhere if you want it!  Most of the blogs I’ve mentioned have links to other blogs on them.  But be careful – blogging is addictive!


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