Monday Maths: Magical Maths Tricks

This week I’m bringing you some magic.

Using these simple tricks, you can surprise and entertain your girls – and puzzle them too.

Trick 1 – I know the future

Before you begin, write down the number 2 on a piece of paper and put it somewhere safe.  Now get the girls to follow these simple steps:

  • Think of a number.
  • Multiply by 3.
  • Add 6.
  • Divide by 3.
  • Subtract from your answer your original number.

Finally, show them your piece of paper.  How many of them have that answer?

For older girls, challenge them to prove why it works.  Here’s how, for those who aren’t sure:


Trick 2: Act your shoe size, not your age

With this trick you can magically find out both the age and the shoe size of anyone who plays.

  • Write down your age.
  • Multiply by 20.
  • Add on today’s date (e.g. 2 if today is 2nd of the month).
  • Multiply by 5.
  • Add your shoe size.
  • Subtract 5 times today’s date.

Ask to see the final answer.  The hundreds are the age, and the tens and units are the shoe size – for example 1105 would be an 11 year old with size 5 shoes.

Again, challenge the girls to show how it works.


There are an insane number of these little tricks on the internet – see here, or do a quick search for more examples.


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