Christmas Fun – Bizarres, Chocolate and Mince Pie Madness

Bizarre Bazaar

Sunrise hard at work setting up

We held our Brownies Christmas Bazaar the last Saturday in November.  There was a good turn out from friends and relatives of Brownies and Rainbows, and we even managed to entice a few random people to come in off the street and have a browse.

This is the second year that we’ve done one of these – last year was a “one off” to raise money for our trip to Paris.  The parents loved it so much that they requested another one.  They liked the social aspect, the chance to sit and chat while their children visited Santa or the secret present room, safe in the knowledge that (with a stall in the entrance to the building manned by leaders) their children weren’t leaving without them.  This year we expanded the “cafe” area so they could have more of what they loved.  Turkey, stuffing and cranberry rolls, tea and coffee, cake, and biscuits were among the offerings for sale.

Santa will see you now.

I think we learnt a lot from last year’s efforts.  This year we had fewer stalls, because we eliminated the ones that were nothing but hassle and made very little profit.  We didn’t, for example, spend six weeks at Brownies making decorations and other items for people to buy.  It was definitely less stressful.  We also had a few guests – one of the other Brownie units in the area had a stall, and the Beaver colony also ran one.

The other difference this year was the “pamper” stall.  This was an idea which was raised, planned and carried out by the older Brownies.  We have been doing our Gromit Unleashed challenge badge, and we needed to raise some money for the Grand Appeal, so we asked the Adventure On girls to plan how they would do it.  The result?  A beauty salon.

Hair or nails?

There was nail polish, “make up” (AKA face painting), hair dressing and tattoos.  The only part that wasn’t done by the girls themselves was the handling of the curling tongs, for which we managed to rope in an actual hairdresser.  The girls set up the stall, decided on the prices, collected money and dealt with the customers.  It was a good experience for them, I think!

The girls also chose, with no prompting, to give some of the profits from their stall to the DEC Philipines appeal.  People say that young children don’t pay attention to world affairs, and only care about themselves, but in my experience that just isn’t true.

Are you running a Christmas Bazaar this year?  What stalls do the best?

Hot Chocolate Milkshakes

This week was the last week of term.  So we had a bit of a party.  There were games, hot chocolate milkshakes, and an indoor campfire.

What is a hot chocolate milkshake, I hear you ask?

Take hot chocolate.  Add squirty cream, chocolate sauce, hundreds and thousands, ice cream, and marshmallows.  And then try to figure out whether to drink it or eat it with a spoon.  Delicious!

Bluebird encourages creativity.

The indoor campfire was a little confusing for some of the girls.  They claimed they couldn’t see it!  But we managed to restart their imaginations, and they managed to feel the heat and hear the crackling of the flames.  Enough to start singing, anyway!

Mince Pie Madness

My other Brownies made mince pies last week.  We were slightly hampered by my inability to remember to bring rolling pins, but we made do.  Not all of them made it as far as the oven, because the girls got really into decorating the lids and took too long!

I can’t believe there’s only one more meeting until Christmas.  It feels like this year has just disappeared into thin air.  We’ve done so much it’s hard to keep track, and even harder to choose my favourite thing.


What is your favourite memory of this year?  Is there anything you’ll be repeating?


One thought on “Christmas Fun – Bizarres, Chocolate and Mince Pie Madness

  1. My favourite bit was our sleepover. It was hard work doing my licence, and next time I want to be firmly back in the kitchen, but residential are the highlight of Brownies for me. The girls seem to enjoy it too!

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