A Frightful Fundraiser

I’ve mentioned previously that my Brownies are working on their Gromit Unleashed challenge badge.  One of the clauses is to raise some money for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, and last Friday was the big night!

Bring-a-friend, fancy dress, Fright Night party and cake sale.

The start was a little chaotic, as due to having to work for a living I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to set up before the children arrived.  But I was mostly done, and I don’t think any of the girls noticed!

Minion Ghost!

Most of the Brownies were there; and most of those brought a friend, so we had well over 50 children in the hall.  Fortunately some of the parents had agreed to stay and help!  Interestingly, although I didn’t put any restrictions on who they could bring (except, human), all of the Brownies chose to bring a girl friend or sister.  No boys at all.

We’re quite lucky in the arrangement of our hall.  We have three interconnected rooms, one of which has a nice easy-to-clean lino floor.   So we could split the girls into three groups and have them almost entirely separate.  The “messy room” contained marshmallow ghosts; the tiny room contained very little lighting and some spooky stories (as told by the Brownies); and the main room had games and cake.

Bluebird, our Young Leader, was in charge of ghosts.  She had the idea, planned it and explained to the girls what they were doing.  She’s not even 16 yet and she’s already worth her weight in gold.

Seahorse was in charge of spooky stories.  I think she got a little bored of hearing minor variations on the same theme after a while!

20131111-192301.jpg“I saw a ghost last night” was the game of choice for the third rotation – it’s quick, fun, and they wanted to get on with the cakes!  Two of the parents were running the cake stall, and they had so much cake to sell it was ridiculous.  After three rotations of children we had enough left that we had to invite the parents in to buy the spares to take home with them!

All in all, it was a really good evening.  Everyone had fun, and we raised over £130 for the Grand Appeal.

Even better, a number of the parents came up to me afterwards to thank me and express their amazement at the effort it must have taken.  I think it’s finally starting to sink in that we’re all volunteers!

Two of the three little pigs…


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