A Parisian Delight

I’ve been a little quiet recently, haven’t I?

I went to Paris with my Brownies, and while I had intended to write a couple of posts during the week, you know how it is!  After spending the day obsessively counting children, and updating the blog I was doing for the parents of girls on the trip, I didn’t have much time (or energy) left for more personal blogging.

We had an amazing week, though!

After our long journey on Monday the girls had a run around playing some mini-olympics type games, which I think was very welcome after ten hours on a coach.

Tuesday was when the fun began.  Two days at Disneyland is not really enough.  The girls definitely wanted to stay for longer.  I think the leaders were quite glad to leave, though – keeping track of your Brownies in a crowd of other children is hard work!

Abandon sanity, all those who enter here...
Abandon sanity, all those who enter here…

We’ve been on Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain, the Rock’n’Rollercoaster, the Tower of Terror (I was petrified, personally, but the children declared it “amazing, can we do it again?”), and a nice calm carousel.

We also went to see a show (in which Mickey Mouse spoke French and Donald Duck spoke English, and I was slightly confused), hunted for Disney characters to get autographs, and saw two parades, one for Halloween and one general Disney parade.

I think the scarecrow wants to join us!
I think the scarecrow wants to join us!

I was very impressed with Mickey Mouse in the final parade.  He just keeps dancing!  He was on top of a tall float, and when the parade was finished and they disappeared behind the gates the top of his float was still visible.  As the float parked up he kept dancing.  As the crane was wheeled over to get him down, he kept dancing.  As he got into the crane, there was a dance in his step, and as the crane was lowered behind the gates, he was still going!

Minnie was also cute.
Minnie was also cute.

On the first evening we made crepes, but by the second evening everyone just wanted to go to bed, so we had some quiet time in our dorms.  I believe there was a wedding performed in one dorm – Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  I feel quite jealous – the Young Leaders were invited to the wedding, but none of the Leaders were!

Two days in Disney, as I said, was enough for the leaders, and our final day was spent in Paris.  Everyone made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower – even those that were afraid of heights.  I was very proud of them all!

And then some strange person decided that walking down the stairs would be a good plan.
And then some strange person decided that walking down the stairs would be a good plan.

We took a boat trip along the Seine (not the highlight of the trip, but probably worth doing).  One of the bridges has loads of padlocks on – apparently lovers come to Paris and attach a padlock, and throw the key into the Seine as a symbol of their undying affection for each other.  At first I thought it was romantic, but then Sunrise pointed out that it’s more like they are prisoners, forever locked together.  The more I think about that the creepier it seems.

Another of the bridges is called the “New Bridge”.  It’s the oldest bridge in Paris.

And under one bridge we were told we had to make a wish.  Mine came true – but then I did wish for something easy.  I wonder if anyone else’s came true?

Picnic in the park. Couldn't ask for a better view!
Picnic in the park. Couldn’t ask for a better view!

Even our coach journey to and from Paris was interesting.  Our tour guide gave us all sorts of fun facts.  Did you know that Paris has a cloud factory?  It’s part of a government initiative to protect the citizens from UV rays.

There’s also a factory that separates peas.  The good peas are sent to supermarkets and restaurants; the bad peas are pumped into the Seine.  Every so often they dredge the river and collect the mushy peas to sell to the British!

The Pea Separator –  Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:P1010563_Paris_XIII_quai_d%27Austerlitz_et_Institut_de_la_mode_reductwk.JPG

On Thursday evening, we had a Halloween party!  The girls played “draw the face on the pumpkin”, “musical tombstones”, and “witches brew”.  Some of the pumpkin faces were entertaining!

After that, all that was left to do was one last sleep and then a long coach journey home again.  I was quite sad to leave (although I suspect that had more to do with the fact that I had to go back to work the next week).

The up-side of all those long hours on a coach, though, was that we got a lot of planning done. Brownies is going to be exciting for the next few months!


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