A Leader’s Holiday


Have you heard the phrase “busman’s holiday”?

Busman’s Holiday
n. Informal
A vacation during which one engages in activity that is similar to one’s usual work.

My Brownies didn’t meet tonight.  It’s sort of half term.  Sort of because some of the schools are off and some of them aren’t.  We decided that enough of the girls would be missing that it wasn’t worth meeting.

Plus, I’ll be spending all next week with some of them on our first very exciting international adventure!  Expect some interesting posts next week on that topic.

All of which means I’ve got a night off.  What am I doing with it?

  • Checking over the kit I’m taking next week and packing as much as possible.
  • Setting up blog templates for posts we’re going to write next week.
  • Tidying the spare room so that another leader can spend the night before at my house.
  • Updating Go.
  • Updating the accounts for my two units and the division.
  • Sending reminders to parents who haven’t paid subs recently.

So, taking a holiday from Brownies, then.  That’s going well.

So very true.  Sadly, this badge does not belong to me.

So very true. Sadly, this badge does not belong to me.


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