Hello and Goodbye

Today we said goodbye to a Brownie – and hello to four.

Brownies Was an AdventureIt’s always sad to see girls who we have known for three years leave us, and (flatteringly) they are usually sad to go.

At my other unit on Friday I had two leaving, and they were being very dramatic about it – clutching each other and pretending to cry!  The girls have been working on their Brownies Go For It! and are keen to move on to Guides, so I wasn’t too worried about the tears…

What I find most interesting is looking at the girls who are leaving, and comparing them to the way they were when they first arrived, as slightly scared seven year olds.  They’ve changed so much!  More outgoing, more confident, more willing to try new things.  More willing to help the younger girls.  I bet it will be odd for them to start Guides – suddenly they will be the youngest again.

Promise BadgeTonight, we also welcomed four new Brownies into the fold.  Four girls stood up in front of everyone and made their Brownie Promise.  They were very good – loud, clear, and correct.  They even knew what the Brownie Guide Law is without any prompting.  I think it’s important to check they know it – otherwise they’ve just promised to keep it and they don’t know what they’ve promised!

The four are very different to each other – one is almost painfully shy, one is loud and confident.  Two have sisters already in Brownies, the others don’t.  One is always talking, one is very crafty, one loves running around games.  They all (thankfully) have different names (although two rhyme).  I’m sure as we get to know them better over the next three years even more differences will come to light.

One of the things I love about Brownies is that it’s ok to be different to everyone else.  Differences are a good thing – you get new viewpoints and new ideas.  If everyone was the same, think how boring the world would be!

What things have you noticed when comparing new Brownies to old ones?


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